Partnership for 21st Century Skills

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We do not worry about what refrigerators are doing to the nature of food. We just use them. For the cyber-generation, gadgets and services have always been there. We do not ponder the pencil and wonder about how they got the lead in there. It is transparent, and unless it is broken or we cannot find it, we do not dwell on the pencil but we focus on the task. People today use cars, electricity, and a multitude of other technologies that make their lives more pleasant and efficient. We are not conscious of these things; we simply let them empower us to do much more than we could do without it. It is only when we learn to get beyond the tool and begin to focus on the task that we will really be able to appreciate and understand the power of the device.


Although these new electronic tools have great power, we must not confuse the tools with the task because technology in and of itself does not and cannot improve the human condition; only humans can improve the human condition.

21st Century Skills - How do we get there? (this is a YouTube video)